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Welcome to Freeform Audio

Freeform audio is setup for the way people work today. It’s nimble and multi-faceted. When you call you get me, Jim Bollella, the owner. Audio has always been my thing.   When I’m not at the computer or on the mic, I’m teaching others to do the same. There are many who tinker with audio, but very few of us who are consumed by it to the point of forgetting about the passage of time, and the need for food. Isn’t that who you want handling your project?

Batman always seems to be there when he’s needed. He works in anonymity, mopping up mess after mess without so much as a thank you.   It’s his thing and, he seems to love it. Audio is my thing. It’s not as glamorous as fighting crime with uber-gadgets but, my gadgets are pretty cool too and, I love what I do.   I don’t wear a cape, or a mask, or even a utility belt, however, I have been called a hero by people with audio projects that needed rescuing.


I’m working on a huge search light that you can use to signal me but, in the meantime, just contact me below!

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